Ceylon Geographic & Moringa

Our Moringa is cultivated and processed in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in which Moringa has its origin and provides optimal climatic conditions. In the areas for cultivation, there is a dry and hot climate with little rainfall. The soils are sandy and mostly unused for agriculture. The temperatures in Sri Lanka are also ideal for the cultivation of Moringa as it is never cooler than 20 °C and never hotter than 40 °C. In addition, there are no industrial areas within 100 km which could pollute the plants with emissions or waste.

A perennial small shrub or tree that can reach 12m (36ft) in height at maturity, it can live up to 20 years. It is the fastest-growing of all trees as it can reach 3m(9ft) in just 10 months after the seed is planted. It has deep roots (therefore it can survive in dry regions) and a wide-open crown with a single stem. It thrives well in high temperatures and more sunlight. Since Moringa trees bind large amounts of carbon dioxide and thereby produce oxygen, their cultivation is also a useful step against climate change.