Our Farmers Community & Plantations

The leaves for our Moringa powder & soursop tea & other plants come from a community collection where under organic certifications & organic government guidanace. Many small-scale farmers in rural areas have received Moringa trees & many plants which we harvest in fair amounts. This way we can support locals and every individual farmer in the area can benefit from our project.

Furthermore our farmer community farmers are weltrained under our training programmes like” govi jana simithi & spectacular programs under our company & government agricultural trainings on particular plantations & well experience through years on farming.

Our organic certified coconut business provides buy back guarantees to ensure the farmer has a confirmed purchaser at a guaranteed price for his produce. Organic farmers are supported not only with the buy back guarantee, but with intensive training and provision of resources to enhance organic farming capabilities.

Our relationship with the farmers is a partnership for mutual benefit and not just a buyer – supplier relationship. In order to strengthen our partnership with our farmers we have set up a welfare fund to assist them. Both the farmer and the company contribute to this fund where farmers get assistance during child birth, attaining of age of daughters, passing of grade 5 scholarship examination by their children, farmer children gaining admission to university etc. The company also spends on training farmers on good practices for mutual benefit.