Ceylon Spices

Sri Lankan spices have been famed throughout the world since times immemorial and have been closely associated with cultural traditions, magic, preservation, and medicine and embalming. Spices of Sri Lanka have found mention 7000 years ago in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Samaria, Arabia and China, far before the Greek and Roman civilizations came into being. In fact, Sri Lanka’s history has been re-scripted by the Europeans’ quest for our famed spices.

At Orgaa we understand the splendor that Sri Lankan spices have stood for through many millennia and count ourselves amongst the custodians of this great heritage.

Our Spices Range

Spices in the days of more meant a handful of them like cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom, ginger, to name a few. Being one of the first to introduce spices in attractive and convenient consumer packs, Orgaa has set a new trend in the Sri Lankan spice market. Today, with the world becoming a village, different cuisines across the globe have transcended borders and with that our product portfolio too has expanded to cater to international plates.